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What We Do

what we do

Whilst we have a transformation practice based on key building blocks we recognise from experience that change is never linear. We draw from a wide range of interventions and experience to tailor solutions to our client’s needs. As a result, our approach is flexible enough to fit into any context.

To fully support your change, we offer a range of consulting services which help clients look at business problems and define what change needs to be made before a plan is established.

  draw from specialist expertise honed in both corporate and consulting firms, to design bespoke solutions that go well beyond just telling what the problems are.


generate behavioural insights

what is it?

A challenge process to test whether your business strategy has kept up with the changes in customer behaviour and/or significant industry trends.

what’s the context?

Business strategy has not kept up with changes in customer behaviours and/or the industry has shifted due to external factors.

The customer, client, business or employee brand needs to be updated to position the business better with changing behaviours and industry shifts.

The business is facing into a cultural change programme and the requirements of all stakeholder groups need to be better understood to manage the change properly.

Changing customer behaviours provide the opportunity for innovation and line extension.

our approach involves

Working with a wide range of partners who work with us to provide a seamless and professional service to our clients.
Specific skills we have procured to work alongside our team serving our clients include specialists in PR, Marketing, HR, Business Analysis, Finance & Risk Management.
In particular, we partner with EXELL INTELL who can provide world class business insights to help our clients set out a clear plan for future business success.

business change

deliver successful transformation

what is it?

Bringing decades of world class change experience to help clients across multiple sectors achieve successful business outcomes

what’s the context?

Mergers & Acquisitions.

Past investments not delivering desired financial outcomes.

Business underperforming market expectations.

Need to offload a business to a new owner.

Specific parts of an organisation need to improve.

our approach involves

Leading on merger & acquisition HR due diligence, supporting investor fundraising & leading multi-functional post integration planning.
Reviewing current performance and benchmarking against peers and market expectations bring deep analytical expertise.

Working alongside senior functional professionals to provide advice on how functional transformation can be achieved.

Acting as the link between buyers and sellers focusing on the practical elements of achieving a successful transfer of ownership with a strong bias towards employee engagement.

Providing key interim resources to provide deep technical knowledge where required.


improving leadership alignment

what is it?

Working with senior business and functional leadership teams to ensure collective ownership of the strategic plan.

what’s the context?

Volatile and disrupted markets require a more agile mindset to be successful.

Board and other external stakeholders are pushing for better performance.

Internal resistance is getting in the way of collective business performance.

Opportunity to align the Executive with a more integrated view/deep strategic dialogue and shared outcomes.

our approach involves

Facilitating business and functional leadership meetings to align strategic purpose, operational planning and short and long term goal setting.

Providing individual executive coaching & mentoring using internationally accredited faculty.
Providing industry or functional specialists to augment the current leadership and help address key talent gaps.

human resources


what is it?

A group of very senior HR professionals who have lived and breathed significant transformation, know what good looks like in delivering world-class HR AND can articulate this in a way that aligns to business outcomes not ‘HR speak’.

what’s the context?

A board that has lost confidence in its HR function

A change programme needing a different type of HR leader for the journey ahead.

A HR function that lacks specific skills to deliver on the support needed to a business change project

our approach involves

Providing seasoned HR leaders to advise the ‘in-tact’ HR function on how to best support a major transformation programme.

We can also provide interim HR leaders drawn from a network of over 150 professionals to deliver specific outcomes.

Provide executive coaching & mentors to HR leaders, leveraging our deep expertise across many sectors.